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Why use an Interior Designer?

Hiring a designer and having access to learned advice from years of experience can help avoid costly mistakes that will not only help you save money but also increase the value of your home.  Interior Design done to a high standard can not only assist in improving the value of your home but also help to create spaces that enhance your lifestyle and functionality.  Finding trusted trade contacts can also feel like a minefield and they can assist in making the process smoother with trade recommendations that they know and trust.

What is the ideation and design process like at Truffle Interiors Ltd?

Every process starts with a quick communication.  We will then book in an initial call which will take 20-30 minutes.  We run through what you might need and how we can possibly help, and have a brief look at the space via pictures or video chat.  Cassie can then provide a basic quote and once appointed we can go into more detail and a full 1-2 hour consultation at your home/retail space can be arranged.  Here we will also review the quote to ensure we have the right package for you as of course viewing on site is always necessary to get a full picture.  The creative process then kicks off and after some more detailed delving into style, colour and space etc, Cassie will go away and come up with a cohesive design that suits your desires and needs.  These designs are then presented to you on a series of boards so we can discuss in detail (the fun part!) and depending on what package you decide on we can leave you to run with it or manage the whole process for you.  In terms of larger projects we would have an initial discussion on scope of works and take it from there.

How much time do I need to invest in this process?

Our time with you is rather crucial.  To be able to create a process that is enjoyable, wholesome and provide the best service to you we like to get to know you a little in your space functionally and personally.  At scheduled consultations we encourage your undivided attention for the advised amount of time to enable us to glide through the process as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Each design is bespoke to you and every detail is curated so in order to get the most from us expectations on timings are talked through from the start.  We also encourage anyone involved in the process to join all meetings where possible as it is important all decision makers are involved from the outset.  

Investing time at the start really will create the desired end result.

Can truffle interiors be involved in bigger projects for example extensions etc?

Yes we can.  Being a small company we do not currently offer in-house architectural services but hopefully will do in future. We would always advise using an architect for structural plans and guidance (recommended by us or your preferred architect) and we can work with them to achieve the desired goal.  We can also appoint trusted and reputable building contractors to carry out and manage the works if required with assistance from myself and the architect for design purposes.

Will Truffle Interiors change designs if they're not liked?

Of course if a design is presented and the client is unhappy we can make a set of amendments and additions to suit included in the original pricing.  If multiple amendments are required this will be charged at an hourly basis or a further fixed price can be arranged.

What if we just need one part of your services and none of the packages are relevant?

That's not a problem at all.  We can look at what you might need and take it on an hourly basis.  We can also put a quote together based on how many hours/days we think your project will take and we can work to that.  If you also check out the 'Services' tab you can see as well as the packages we offer some single services that you might be interested in too.

How far do Truffle Interiors travel for a project?

We can travel where needed.  Depending on location we will have to take into account travel expenses but this can be all be discussed up front.

Our E-design packages allow us to create a different way of working from afar....we can do the via calls, VC and more detailed pictures if required.

Can Truffle Interiors Ltd help us with furniture shopping as well?

Yes is the simple answer.  We can help with almost any of your needs and create bespoke packages if required.

What if we've never used an interior designer before and not sure how it works?

No problem at all, we will guide you through the process every step of the way and explain in detail the process when we chat.  You can then decide if it's for you or not.

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